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Meet Danielle

If it doesn't
challenge you,
it won't change you.

Danielle Riele

MA, LMFT #84600
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Since I knew I wanted to be a therapist as a budding adult, I began that journey with my undergraduate education at San Francisco State University. There, I graduated with my B.A. in psychology with a minor in human sexuality in 2007. 


I attended graduate school at the University of San Francisco. I received my master’s degree in counseling psychology in 2011. My career as a therapist began in 2010. 


In 2015, I became a licensed therapist and opened my private practice. Being a part of a client's journey has been a true gift! Seeing someone evolve to reach their goals and feel empowered is indescribable! In 2016, I began to teach master’s students studying to be therapists at a local graduate program. It has been a true joy to watch students become therapists!


“Helping the helpers” has always been a passion of mine. As a helping professional myself, I know how demanding and rewarding the field can be. In 2019, I began public speaking to those helping professionals. My hope was to begin to empower those professionals to manage stress and care for themselves the way they so selflessly do for those they serve! My experience has included local schools, school districts, and the police department. 


I have felt regularly grateful that I get to do what I LOVE!

Danielle Riele, MA, LMFT #84600
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