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Your Feelings Matter

Updated: May 11, 2021

As I write this to you, we have slightly surpassed the one year mark of this pandemic. To me, this year has blown by, while also going at a snail's pace at times. It’s the feeling of being all over the place and yet never leaving your home! There were also several other horrific events that happened during that time as well. As a result, our emotional state has been put through the wringer!! This is my reminder to you: YOUR FEELINGS MATTER! No one has a rule book or experience going through such a time. There has been loss of all kinds. The loss of life as we knew it, a job, a relationship, or loss of a loved one. And yet, we still must do all the adulting duties while going through such horrific events! It’s okay if this has meant your feelings have been all over the place or if you developed habits that you may not be the most proud of. You have been and are currently doing the best you can!

First and foremost, allowing ourselves a moment to sit with what our current experience is makes a difference! We have to know what we are experiencing in order to address it. Knowing what our true experience is will give clarity on how we can move through and help ourselves. This can be as simple as checking in with your body to see what you are feeling and where it is presenting in your body. Another way to do this is by journaling or processing your experiences over the past year with a professional. The past year has brought on such large tidal waves of change and emotions for everyone. These tidal waves have not allowed each of us time to truly sit with our experiences, process, and heal. Here is your moment to do so—my invitation to you!

When you are able to do this, alone or with a professional, it can be a bit overwhelming. Like eating a meal, it’s usually best taken in bite-sized chunks we feel we can handle! Working through whatever feelings we may have can be a process. Some days may be easier than others. Certain parts may not feel as heavy and may be easier to move through. Regardless of what your journey may look like, it’s your individual journey. What I mean by that is there is no “right way.” There is also not a specific timeline that we need to have.

What I have noticed throughout my work as well as my personal life is that if we allow ourselves the space we need, it just makes sense. It may be hard at times for sure. But when we do the best we can to allow our experiences to just be there, true healing is to be had. During the heavy middle period of healing, it can be helpful to remind ourselves that this is temporary. To send that internal reminder that it will not always feel this heavy. It can also be uplifting to imagine what we might feel like beyond this—what our new growth, mindset, or healing gifts may bring on the other end.

In the final stages, it can be powerful to look back on the journey to see how far we’ve come and what obstacles our strong self was able to overcome. It’s truly amazing what we can do! Celebrate the journey and new growth. When we allow this to soak in, there can be a magical feeling—a huge sense of pride and self-love that can be achieved. It can also serve as a strong reminder the next time a tidal wave comes our way. We can do hard stuff! We can sit with our feelings, find coping to move through it, and heal! Because our lives, our growth, our journies, and our feelings matter!

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